With millions of TML vehicle plying globally, Tata Motors is ahy vọng the select companies in the world lớn offer an extensive portfolio lớn its consumers. We have expanded our international footprint through exports since 1961. In passenger vehicles, the company has a strong presence in the hatchbaông xã and the sedan segment, going up to lớn SUVs & MUVs. In commercial vehicles, Tata Motors offers a wide spectrum of vehicles that are customized for local conditions and meet the highest standards for chất lượng, safety, environment norms & user comfort. Today, the Tata Motors group is present in over 125 countries, with a worldwide network comprising over 8,800 touch points. Tata Motors has R&D centres in UK, Italy, India and South Korea. With vast global experience, the company brings deep understanding of customer expectations from diverse markets, và is well positioned to cater lớn ever changing automotive sầu norms & consumer trends across the globe.
In the continent of Africa, Tata Motors has significant presence in South Africa, Angola, Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghamãng cầu, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Seychelles, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ugandomain authority, Zambia & Zimbabwe. Africa has been a preferred destination for Tata Motors since 1992. The roads of Africa are trang chủ lớn both left-hand và right-h& drive sầu versions of our cars, buses, SUVs và trucks. We have a manufacturing base in Rosslyn, South Africa, which produces trucks ranging from 7 khổng lồ 75 tonnes.

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Tata Motors has been wooing customers in Latin America since 2009. Our most popular vehicles here are our compact and mid-sized sedans including the Indigo and the Manza, our hatchbaông chồng Vista, và the Tata Xenon, our bestselling pickup. What our vehicles bring lớn the market are a winning combination of power-packed performance & lower lifecycle cost of ownership.
Russia và the CIS khung a large part of our global expansion strategy. Our manufacturing base in Ukraine gives us access khổng lồ local geographies and facilitates customisation & speed of delivery. Our wide range of trucks và buses allows us to lớn provide customers with the best fit vehicle. Our local tie-ups with dealers and distributors give sầu us the ability lớn provide our customers with superior service experience.

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APACTata Motors first ventured inkhổng lồ other Asia Pacific markets with its foray into lớn Sri Lanka in 1961. In addition, Tata Motors has a substantial presence in Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhurã, Afghanisrã, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan & Vietphái mạnh. With an established presence in most geographies, và a dominant chia sẻ of the commercial vehicle segment in various markets, Tata Motors is well on its way to realising its global expansion strategy.

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Tata Motors has been present in the Middle East geography since 1971 when our trucks were first sold in Bahrain. Today, our vehicles are sold in the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Turkey. The region accounts for a tenth of our export market. We offer products with the reliability & ruggedness that are necessary for operating in local weather conditions & terrains. We have achieved a leadership position in the medium bus segment, và we are now expanding inkhổng lồ the pickup and truck sectors. The Tata Elanza, Xenon & Prima are our lakiểm tra launches in this region.