The Relationship Summary displays all Volume Licensing Agreements và Open Licenses associated with your VLSC trương mục. Summary details are listed by Licensing ID (licensing program) & may be expanded to lớn display more information, including parent agreements và Business & Services Agreement (MBSA). To access và view the Relationship Summary in the VLSC, click Licenses và then clichồng Relationship Summary.

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A Licensing ID identifies the program level at which orders can be placed by an organization. It can represent any of the following:

Enrollment (Enterprise or Select programs)Agreement (Open Value program)License (mở cửa License program)Public Customer Number (PCN) (Select Plus program)

Entitlements & site permissions in the VLSC are determined by the Licensing IDs available to lớn your company or organization.

* Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) license information is managed in the Business Center or Store for Business. No MPSA information is displayed in the VLSC. Learn about the MPSA.

A Licensing ID is displayed in the Relationship Summary only if the user who is signed in has been granted access lớn view the Licensing ID details. Permission lớn view a specific Licensing ID on behalf of your organization is granted in one of two ways:

You are listed as a tương tác for the agreements in a legal Volume Licensing Program size. Liên hệ types include Primary Liên hệ, Notices Correspondent, Online Access Contact, Software Assurance Manager, Online Services Manager, or Subscriptions Manager.An Administrator with access to lớn the agreements assigns you permission.

For more information about VLSC permission roles and their allowable actions, see the Permissions FAQ.

All changes lớn Volume Licensing Contacts must be made through your partner. Please liên hệ your partner khổng lồ request a change in tương tác information.

The hyperlink used to lớn access specific reports (or report sections) appear shaded or dimmed if your permission phối does not allow you khổng lồ access certain report nội dung. For example, only the Select Plus Lead Affiliate has full access to licensing information for all Participating Affiliates, so other users in your organization would see links that are shaded or dimmed.


Participating Affiliates in the Select Plus program are not able khổng lồ access sensitive information specific to other Participating Affiliates.

To request the addition of a Licensing ID to lớn your permission phối, complete and submit the form on the Request Permissions page. When the size is submitted, the Administrator of record for the Licensing IDs listed on the khung are notified by gmail message of your request.

The following types of Licensing Information reports can be generated from the Relationship Summary:

Licensing ID Details

Displays key contacts, related licenses, orders, order details, & purchase history of your organization by specific Licensing ID.

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Parent Program Details

Displays the key liên hệ và related Licensing IDs for your organization by licensing program.

MBSA Details

Displays the key contacts và related Licensing IDs for your organization as associated with a Business & Services Agreement (MBSA).


xuất hiện Value, mở cửa Value Subscription, and xuất hiện License programs bởi not have an MBSA in their hierarchy; therefore the MBSA Details report is not available for those programs.

The License Summary displays real-time Volume License entitlements per product family & version for all active and inactive Licensing IDs in your permission set.

The License Summary displays purchase information related to lớn traditional Volume License programs beginning in 1994. These programs include (but are not limited to) xuất hiện, Open Value, Select, Select Plus, and Enterprise.

Licenses purchased under the MPSA program are not included in the VLSC Relationship Summary và should be viewed separately in the Business Center.

Recently purchased licenses are typically displayed in the License Summary within 48 hours of receiving your order from the partner. Delays of a few days to a few weeks can occur if your partner delays forwarding the purchase order lớn Licenses display in the summary when the Coverage Start period for the order is met for all programs except xuất hiện License.

Sign in to lớn Volume License Service Center > Licenses > License Summary.

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To filter the Licensing IDs for display in the License Summary, complete the following steps:

Cliông xã Filter Licensing IDs included in this summary.Use the check boxes lớn select Licensing IDs khổng lồ be included.Cliông chồng Create Summary. The License Summary refreshes khổng lồ display only the selected Licensing IDs.


Full licenses acquired with a specific Licensing ID appear in the License Summary only if the user can see that License ID in the Relationship Summary. (In other words, only if the user who is signed in khổng lồ the VLSC has permission to view items related to this License ID.)

The single License ID view in the Relationship Summary will show only purchases on that specific agreement. (Quantities in the Unresolved Quantity column may be incorrect.)